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Over the years, it has come to our attention that business owners unknowingly incur mismanagement and inefficiency while busily operating their businesses.



We see this all the time; when business owners devote too much attention to required daily administrative tasks instead of the company vision. YH Bookkeeping was established to provide a solution to this common problem. Our philosophy is to examine carefully and then organize a business from the inside out. This system enables you, the business owner, to understand your company, make changes when necessary and become more profitable. By taking advantage of our unique business services, your business will become a more efficient and more productive operation. Avoiding failure relies on keeping clean business financials and implementing systematic processes and timely, accurate reporting. If you’re like most entrepreneurs and business owners your best asset is your creative thinking and your ability to put ideas into practice. Your weakest link is most likely your bookkeeping system. We want you to put your trust in us – our inspiration comes from a real desire to see your business achieve success.

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