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YH Bookkeeping offers three bookkeeping and financial reporting packages.
Complete Business


The Complete Bookkeeping Package is specifically designed for small business owners who want to turn over their entire financial workload, thus freeing up time to run the business.


This is our most popular package, as it allows you to focus on developing your company’s foundation, improving the products and services you offer, and broadening your client base.


We will manage your day-to-day financials:

  • Employee Payroll

  • QuickBooks Data Entry

  • Renewal of Insurance Policies & Permits

  • Monthly Reconciling of all Bank Accounts

  • Sales Tax Filing

  • Issuing Necessary Reports

  • Miscellaneous Tasks


Benefits of the Complete

Bookkeeping Package


On the Same Page!

High quality service of financial accounts by an experienced bookkeeper familiar with your company's inner workings.


No Excuses!

You will have more time to spend on the most important aspects of your business.


Money Saver!

A well organized and managed financial system saves you money, especially during end-of-the-year tax planning. (Financial records maintained and updated on a weekly/monthly basis, with constant supervision and analysis)


This comprehensive package was designed with the goal of giving you financial peace of mind.



Basic Business


Implement QuickBooks

As QuickBooks Certified Users we recommend QuickBooks as an efficient and innovative accounting software platform.


Using QuickBooks to manage your small business will allow you to save time and money, as it automatically handles most of the day-to-day bookkeeping tasks, making it easier to manage your business while receiving the most up to date information on your financial status.


Using our expertise, we will guide you through the first steps of using QuickBooks:


  • Installing software and getting it up and running.

  • Customizing your company’s Chart of Accounts.

  • Data entry: Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable.

  • Generating necessary financial reports.


Bank Reconciliation

Reconciling your business accounts allows both you and us to stay up to date with your company’s ongoing financial state, including profits, payroll, taxes, etc.


Generate Financial Reports

  • Profit and Loss statements display your total revenue and subtract all of your expenses, which give you the bottom line profit for your business.

  • Balance Sheet statements give you a snapshot of your business's financial status at a specific moment in time.

  • The General Ledger is at the heart of your business financial records. We will make sure that your general ledger is continuously maintained and correctly updated.



We believe that as a small business owner you must understand the basics of the company’s financial status, and that is why we offer unlimited consulting and assistance along the way.


Independent Contractor


As an exclusive package for independent contractors, we offer a specialized service that involves issuing the necessary registration, insurance, and licensing within the appropriate agencies. The goal will be to create the right business entity for you and for the unique services you offer.



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