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Yoav Havshush

YH Bookkeeping Team



Yoav Havshush, originally from Israel, came to the Bay Area to manage the accounting for a large firm. Following his entrepreneurial spirit and seeing a need for expert bookkeeping services across industries, he launched YH Bookkeeping in 2010. Since then, Yoav has become the financial advisor to dozens of companies of all sizes. Yoav has the perspective to help other business owners, like himself, understand their company’s financial position and run their businesses more effectively and assertively. His greatest passion is bringing his clients the peace of mind that allows their businesses to thrive. In his spare time he enjoys a good Warriors game.

bookkeeping, bookkeeper, accountant, accounting, bay area
Fion Yan

Fion acquires her extensive accounting and auditing experience through years of practice in management and the public accounting fields, locally and overseas. Over time she has developed a strong sense of business trends - particularly in real estate, fashion, cosmetics and the restaurant industries.

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